Happy Thursday everyone!

I hope your day is a great one that starts with a run, has a running break during the day or ends with a great run!  I’m headed to the trails again today because hills are my new weekly tradition.  I don’t think my quads or lungs are currently happy with this new tradition, but they will be on race day.  Today’s post is sponsored by Blue Apron!  I’ve got an awesome deal and an important survey for you to do at the end of the post!

I don’t know if you have noticed (ehhh I am sure you have;) but Andrew and I aren’t the best at meal planning.  I swear we wake up each morning, things start out busy and then two minutes later it is dinnertime.  A lot of nights we don’t know what to do for dinner so we usually just cook up a sweet potato or go to a restaurant.  We continually try to get better at it but life just gets crazy (I know you can relate).

There is one thing that helps us to have an awesome meal plan for the week and that is Blue Apron.  We usually do one to two orders a month.  They deliver all of the farm-fresh ingredients in all the right proportions right to our doorstep in a refrigerated box.

Blue Apron takes away the thinking, planning and driving to the store parts of dinner prep.  With Blue Apron we have an amazing dinner to cook together at home without wondering what the heck we are going to eat for dinner.

Knox was a little weary of the whole mushroom situation the other night.


He thought they looked cooler once they were all chopped up though.


For our first meal we made the Chicken and Rice Casserole with Kale & Cremini Mushrooms.  A meal where Brooke will eat kale is always a good meal in my opinion (Knox picked around the mushrooms and the kale but hey… it’s progress for these two four year olds)!


I do not love the grocery store (unless they have enough samples for me to call it a meal) so I especially love having Blue Apron bring us the good stuff.


Ready to EAT!  Each meal from Blue Apron usually takes us 30-40ish minutes to make.  They have such a HUGE selection of recipes to choose from and they add new stuff each week.  We have tried so many completely different types/flavors/genres of dishes which gets me out of my sweet potato rut.

DSC 1689

Andrew and I have runner’s appetites but this meal made enough for all of us.  Andrew and I had it for leftovers the next day too!  We went with the Family Plan this month but most of the time we stick to the 2-Person Plan and make it our ‘date night’ once we put the kids to bed.  I do love the family plan because it gets our kids to try new things plus then they can be a part of the preparation process of the meal.

DSC 1701

Post-dinner story reading is always super productive as you can tell.

DSC 1706

Also, here are three more reasons to use Blue Apron haha:)

IMG 9880

Our second meal was my favorite.  We had Seared Steaks & Mashed Potatoes w/ Roasted Brussels Spourts and Steak Sauce.

IMG 0843

While Andrew cooks the meat, I get to work on the produce.   He knows that I need my steak to be medium-rare… the only way I eat it.

IMG 0845

Brooke and I were going in for a brussels sprout toast below:

IMG 0856

Yep, the finished product was perfect.  Gotta love the iron (we need IRON especially as runners) from the steak with the amazing glaze, the cheesy potatoes and the perfectly roasted brussels sprouts.

IMG 0851

This was Brooke’s first time having brussels sprouts and while they weren’t her favorite vegetable, she ate some!  I LOVED the glaze that was on the brussels sprouts.  It reminded me of my favorite one up at the Sundance restaurant which is saying a lot.  Another successful round of meals from Blue Apron!

IMG 0866


***Today’s your day to start trying Blue Apron.  We’ve used Blue Apron for YEARS now and each time we have the best experience and very happy stomachs:)  The first 50 readers today will get three free meals on their first Blue Apron order——>  GO HERE!!!***

PS There is no commitment with Blue Apron, you can cancel the service at any time!  PPS you can read all about their awesome recycling program here!


Time for a little survey that I got at Brooks Camp (and a few from me too).  I want to hear YOUR answers too!

1.  Would you rather go on a morning run to see the sunrise, or a night run to see the city lights?

2.  What indulgent food do you wish was on the ‘good for you’ list?

3.  If you could wear one color of running shoe for the rest of your life, what would it be?

4.  Split shorts:  good or bad?

5.  How do you celebrate a good race or run?

6.  What song have you listened to most while running this year?

7.  What time do you normally eat dinner each night?

8.  Would you choose to get a free running tank and shorts or running shoes delivered to you right this second?

9.  Do you like spectators to be at the race you are running or not?

10.  What do you do with your key while you are running?  Do you usually drive somewhere to run or leave straight from your house?

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