(shorts (($13!)), bra, shoes, I think it’s time I clean my sunglasses)

8 miles @ 8:29 average. We ran by the river, and it is so fast and dangerous right now. I won’t come within a mile of it with my kids currently.

Core Power is even tastier when you add ice to your already cold bottle.

Knox started soccer camp yesterday! He was so thrilled. Brooke was supposed to start, too, but they made a special exception for her and changed her to a later week, so she can hopefully run by then. We thought there was a good chance she would be able to by now but here’s to hoping next month works out. Next year, they will go together, but I’m so excited to see what Knox thinks of the week.

Skye wore her cheer uniform for the send off:)

For dinner, we made this TJ’s 5 Items or Less meal, and it was perfection. I couldn’t find the package of garlicky cabbage so we just made our own version)

And now for a few important tangents:

*I finished this book embarrassingly fast, even giving up sleep to do so. The storyline had me from the first page, and I had to find out what happened. There is a tiny bit of spice (but it is easy to see when it is coming to skip) and a few swear words, but it is a very binge-worthy storyline.

*Beck keeps saying, ‘big bit’ (instead of ‘little bit’) about things, and I don’t want him to ever stop doing that.

*Knox taught me a very important kitchen technique. When making quesadillas, cook the tortilla with cheese on top normally until melted, and then FLIP IT and cook the cheese directly on the pan/griddle for a bit to make the cheese crusty and taste heavenly. Thank you, Knox.

*If you go to Costco, buy these. Brooke and I have died and gone to heaven.

*The plan my brother is using to train for his first marathon;).

My chat with my brother made me go and find my first marathon training plan. Memories…

Have a tangent for me?

Any Costco/TJs/grocery store finds lately that you are in love with?

Anyone with kids in their life currently–> any cute things they are saying lately?

What’s your run or workout today?

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literally LOL to your brother’s text.


He is seriously the best! Thanks Hilary, have a beautiful day!


That is a very niche running plan! And I feel like the right of passage of being a running is having used a Hal Higdon training plan.
No workout today for me. I have a massage after work which cuts into my run time. Rest day it is!
Tangent: It’s Unchained season 2 release day on Netflix!! While I didn’t love season 1 because there was no Tadej in it, he is in it this season plus his fiancée, Urska. Confession: I actually thought it came out yesterday. When I realized I had to wait a day, I literally shed a tear.
Have a great Tuesday! :)


That is so true. I would love to know the numbers for how many people have used his plan over the years… it’s kind of a must! A massage sounds perfect. You deserve it, enjoy! Off to start season two and I can’t wait to learn more about Tadej so you can think I’m cool by knowing more about him and his fiancée haha! Have a beautiful day, Molly!


Knox, you just changed my life!! Like Beck I’m going to need a Big Bit of that quesadilla.

Latest Costco find isn’t edible, but the dupe Vuori joggers, I bought a pair and they were so comfortable I had to go back for the other colors, hah!

I definitely did my share of Hal Higdon plans. I love your brothers plan and hope he’s keeping track of all the cool places he’s running!


I can’t wait to tell him that you will be using his kitchen tip! Off to get those dupes. I cannot wait. I need him to start a running blog now so we can follow him around on his cool runs. Have a beautiful day, Michelle!


Knox is a genius! I am going to try that with my next quesadilla!


Right?? It made it so much better. Let me know what you think and I hope you have a beautiful day, Wendy!

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