I miss that kid

The Billy left on Thursday to go up north for Ragnar so I haven’t seen him since Tuesday when I left for NYC.  That is the longest we have been apart since we first started dating 5+ years ago, I don’t know if you can tell but I am just kind of a dependent person so this feels really weird for him to be gone.  I feel like my brain is going to explode with all of the things I have to tell him, I bet he can’t wait to come home exhausted from Ragnar to me yapping off his ear about every detail from the last few days.

Let’s not forget about the fact that my house is SCARY when I am all alone (he gets back in a few hours, don’t worry I made it through this).   I only checked behind the shower curtain 6 times a night because I swear I kept hearing someone back there.   And under the bed.  And outside my window.  I am paranoid.

His first leg of Ragnar went awesome and he ran 7 miles @ a 6:20 pace!! His IT band is feeling awesome and it better stay that way.


Yesterday the sister and I took her kids to a new water park and it was awesome.  I was a little disappointed when they wouldn’t let me go down the big slides because I am pregnant, I made up for it by going down the kiddy slides with curly over and over again.


Bottom left corner:  Run to Overcome by Meb.  So far it is amazing, I love him even more now.

Speaking of curly, she is quite fascinated by my stomach and will wait as long as it takes for her to kick.

Photo copy

Since I didn’t have a date tonight (thanks a lot billy;)  I crashed my parent’s date night.  I have used the, “I am only here for x more days before I move, you guys should really cherish this time” way too many times already.

Telling them that Which Wich is the best restaurant in the world 200 times within an hour worked.  It was their first time there and they loved it too! I got my usual Club (turkey, ham and bacon) because I love it so much that I can’t stray.  I did get the bigger size because my 10-miler made me really hungry and I also added cole slaw to my sandwich which was an extremely good idea.

DSC 1882

On the way home I reminded them that date night isn’t complete without dessert so I ran into the store for S’mores ice cream.  The Sugar Babies were an added bonus.  The stupid candy at the cash register gets me every time.

Photo copy 2

Did you watch the dare-devil last night?  Nik Wallenda tightrope walks across Niagara Falls.   He did bring his passport with him in case you were wondering!

DSC 1887

We watched it together and I was in bed by ten.  Sometimes my life is just too interesting.


Do you ever have to be apart from your significant other for extended periods of time?


-Pump for me and a mile or two on the treadmill.

Are you a dependent, independent or somewhere in the middle type of person?

What was the last kind of sandwich that you had?

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I’m leaving for vacation soon so I got to the gym right at 7am for my weights workout. LOVE when I have the whole gym to myself!!


I hope you have a blast on vacation! Way to get to the gym before!


The longest Dean and I have been apart is a week! I went to Mexico with my mom a couple of years ago and left him behind. I called him every single day though!

Today I am doing weights (it’s BACK day) and then hopefully a run! I haven’t done a lot of running lately and the Tough Mudder (10-12 miles) is coming in August so I’ve got to get my booty back in running shape!

Last sandwich – avocado and tomato! My favourite combo! :)

Have a good weekend!


My husband was called to me Assistant Scout Master almost as soon as we got married so weekend camping trips and week-long summer trips became the norm for us. He even missed our 10 anniversary date (I was fine with it, we celebrated later) I think 10 days is the longest and it happened many times over the course of 8 months before he started coming home each week.

I’m supposed to be working out on Saturday?

I’m a somewhere in the middle girl, depending on where I am in my bi-polar cycle.

How funny, my son commented on how good the bread was that we just bought so I had a sandwich of deli turkey and hummus. It was good but needed tomato and cucumber slices


I HATE being away from my husband… he sometimes travels for work, and it’s always nice for a few hours when I want to watch girly shows, but after that, I want him home!


I’ve read Meb’s book too- I loved it!

I’m so glad Billy is feeling better- he’s a speed demon out there! Sometimes I like to hang out with my parents when my hubby is out of town too- it’s almost as comforting as having my husband home :)


my hubby & i both work out of the country. we met here, fell in love, blah blah blah, but we are from different parts of north america! every 6 weeks we spend 2 weeks apart. i usually have between 3 and 15 meltdowns, depending what’s going on. thankfully this isn’t a forever plan, but i thought it would get easier!! it doesn’t!!!

your ice cream is making me jealous! :D


I was literally watching that last night and freaking out about the tight rope. I have a weird fear of heights above water. Normal heights are okay but above water freaks me out…don’t ask why…yes I swam competitively for 15 years…no big deal…lolz. ;)


Mmm smore ice cream! Last sandwich I had was my current favorite: egg & avocado…hit the spot big time :)


When Tom goes out of town, I ALWAYS check under the bed before going to sleep. Haha!


Just curious … why were the captions on the TV? :) Just wondering if that’s how you always watch TV!

Sorry you’re missing Billy. I definitely don’t like going a couple of days without seeing Brandon, either!


We’re not usually apart so I hate it even if he is away for a night! When he did a Ragnar last month I stayed up til 2 and then woke up at 6 following his team on twitter and watching repeat Greys Anatomy on Netflix. Hopefully Billy’s IT band hold out! Your sandwich looks so good!


I’m a pretty independent person. I think it has something to do with the fact that the majority of our dating relationship was long disstance since I was away at college (we started dating my senior year of high school). I love him to death, but I definitely need my alone time and I’m not afraid to ask for it!!


Just finished my Saturday run of 2 miles! Wahoo! Its the start to my half-marathon training, but it was still good.

I’ve only ever been away from my husband for 1-2 nights, but coming up he’ll be gone for a couple of days in Atlanta and I have no idea what I’m going to do! I can’t ever manage to sleep without him, even if he is working on his car late at the his work I can’t fall asleep without him actually being home.


I think the longest we’ve been apart has been 3-4 days and I am not a fan of it either. I basically refuse to sleep alone at home and end up going to my Mom’s. haha
Today is my rest day! Weee!!
In the middle, while I am not a fan of being alone for a night of days at a time I also like my “me” time and can get a lot done then.
Last sandwich… you are really making me think here! I had a open faced pulled chicken sandwich for supper Wednesday.


At least you have the excuse of pregnancy for going to bed at 10 pm on a Friday night. I have no excuse for falling asleep on the couch at 9 pm!

I just finished 3.5 miles with my dog! So hot and humid!

I hate having to be in my house alone! I swear it starts making the weirdest noises as soon as I’m the only one here. It sucks when my boyfriend has to be away overnight!


The Wich Wich veggie options are amazing! It is possibly my favorite sandwich store and I think I did an entire blog post on it one day : )

Heading off for a bike ride!


When I saw your instagram picture, I was going to say ‘No Dryers! BRYERS!’ But it looks like you read my mind anyway. mmmmm. Smores. Good choice!

The longest Ross and I have been apart since we started dating is 4 days. And I hope that we never go longer!

That sandwich looks delicous! I want one right not. And where is this water park/what is it called? I need to take my kids there – it looks awesome!

So my foot still hurts and I haven’t ran in almost 2 weeks! I figure if it is going to hurt whether I run or not, I might as well run (I make good choices). So I did 7 miles today. I wanted to do more, but then I decided to not do too much so I elliptisiced (totally a word) for a while longer.


I’ve been in a long distance relationship for 2 years now but we never had a period longer than 2 weeks where we saw each other every day for our entire relationship. We saw each other only on weekends for a year, then I moved 3 hours away and it was every 2-3 weekends ( he got cancer and my father had an aneurysm so I was home as often as possible while I was in university). Then last May he moved across the country for work and I see him every 3-4 months (6 months this time, 63 days to go!). If he can’t get work back on this coast, I’ll see him at Christmas, and then either I’ll move when I finish my internship in April or he’ll move back in August. We once counted up how many days we’ve actually spent together and as of our 3rd year anniversary this August, it’ll have been about 33 weeks total. So I’d say I’m pretty independent but I do depend on him for quite a few things when he’s around (my computer, my car, spider killing, reaching things on the top shelf… ;)).


We have bben apart for around a week, usually because he travels. I’m getting ready for my ultimate road trip which he can’t make due to work. In the 19 1/2 years we’ve been married, he has spent one night in the house alone (without me or kids). Now he’ll get 12 blissful days of doing and eating exactly what he wants.
I’m a somewhere in the middle type of person. I like some alone time but after about 24 hours I go crazy.
My workout was a magic mile for the start of my new training program.


I live by myself and do the same thing with the shower curtain! Especially if I’ve watched Criminal Minds. I’ve had to stop watching that show, because I would freak myself out. lol


The longest I’ve been away from my bf was 10 days when I was in China. It was horrible!! Although I think Tony was enjoying having the whole bed to himself :)
My Saturday run is *hopefully* going to be a 15 mile super-hilly trail run. However, looks like it’ll be in the 90’s again and there’s high fire warnings, and there was a fire yesterday! So we’ll see how far I go without getting overheated and paranoid.


When my husband and I first got together he moved out west while I stayed back east to finish university. We were on opposite ends of the country for the better part of a year – it sucked but 12 years later it’s like it never happened :)

I had a veggie sandwich from Quiznos the other day and it was amazing! Lots of guacamole and olives, yum!

I’m just walking today for exercise and may do some pre-natal Pilates too. 32 1/2 weeks and counting. Have a great weekend!


I’m an extremely independent person now. That wasn’t always the case. My first husband left me on my own when I was 24, and I swore then that I would NEVER be dependent on a man again, emotionally, financially, or otherwise. It was liberating. I love my husband dearly and hope I grow old and gray with him, but it’s a good feeling knowing that I have him here because I want him here and not because I need him. :)


Sorry your are going through Billy withdrawal :( You two will be reunited asap!
Have you tried the Birthday Cake Oreo Blast Ice Cream? Not going to lie – I think it is one of the best ice cream flavors I have ever had. Taste even better with oreos on top ;) Thought you might enjoy!


I hope Billy is enjoying Ragnar, it is so fun! That is really cute your niece has felt the baby kick. My 6 year old nephew talks about the baby a lot but I don’t think he would have the patience to sit there and wait for a kick haha.

Randy and I work opposite schedules (I work days, he works nights) so every week we go at least a few days without seeing each other at all. I haven’t seen him since Friday morning when I left for work and I won’t see him until Monday night now. Kinda sucks, but we do get a few full days off work together each week too so it makes up for it. I figure its preparing me to be a med students wife and then doctors wife-this is just how our life will be working in hosptials!

No workout for me today (unless cleaning my house and doing laundry counts) since I am at work all day. Boo, I hate when I work weekends.

I am definitely an indepedant person in some ways but I don’t like to be at home by myself at night.

I need to try Which Wich! Yum!


I ran 8 miles this morning for marathon training! And I’ve never had sugar babies!


My hubs and I had to do long distance the first three summers we dated bc of his internship. Then we had a year and a half that we were apart (only saw each other MAYBE a month total) until we got married this March! I’m
So spoiled now, I could never spend a night without him!! I’m with ya on checking shower curtains!


Yum that ice cream looks amazing. Where is the new watermark?


It is in Lindon! You have to go!


My Saturday run was a 6+ mile adventure with my running group. It involved going to the dump and scaling a giant mountain. Aren’t you jealous?

I think the longest Mike and I have been apart is three days. It’s awful. I feel your pain. That’s part of the reason we have a dog. Then I’m not terrified and alone the whole time.


wow! that is a looooong time to go without seeing your honey! glad you’re reunited very very soon ;)

and that pool! ugh, i need to be in some water ASAP. the high here today is supposed to be 105!!! torturous.


I get to head out to a beautiful trail to run 60 minutes! Yeaaaah!


Went for a run this morning with my daughter who rode her bike. Love it when she goes with me! Though this was a new route for her so it was bit nerve-wracking for me telling her where to stop, which way to go.

Are you a dependent, independent or somewhere in the middle type of person? I am a very independent person. I enjoy alone time, probably because it doesn’t happen very often. Of course, when my girls leave to visit their dad for five weeks this summer, I will be ready for anybody’s company after a few short days!

The last sandwich I had was from my favorite sandwich shop here, Big Town Hero. I always get the mini Avocado Delight on wheat. It has sprouts, cream cheese, avocado, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. So good!


We have been apart A LOT. Too much. I think the longest period was 8 weeks. It is tough, but I rather make the sacrifice now. Our life is crazy, but I know what to expect. I am a very independent person. I have my own little routine when my husband is away and I get much more social and a bit selfish. I get so excited when he comes home. I love sitting at the airport with butterflies in my stomach waiting for him to come out of baggage claim.

No running today. I walked…while reading my Kindle. Tomorrow I have an early morning running date with a BLEND.


The longest my husband and I have been apart since we got married is only 1 night at a time. I hate when he’s gone, I go to bed super late because I hate going to bed without him.

I planning on getting 4 miles in later. We’ll see how that goes…it’s hot and humid today.

My last sandwich was one from a local deli and it was DELICIOUS. I’ve been craving sandwiches something horrible and finally got my fix.


Girl, the part about the shower curtain is SO me too!!! Whenever Craig goes out of town I check behind it a million times before I go to bed….it’s nuts!! Glad I’m not the only one though ;)
I think the longest we have been apart is about 10 days when we were still dating in the beginning and he went up to MD for Christmas to spend with his family & I was here with my family.
Does Curly know just how adorable she is??? Your sister seriously has the cutest kids, and I know your little girl will be just as cute :) Your whole family is too cute!
Enjoy your day & YAY for Billy coming back home!!


My husband is gone 50-75% of each month, and it’s been that way since we first married (20 years in July… Yes, we married when we were 12. :) OK, 23.). I hate it and I have never gotten used to it. I don’t sleep well when he’s gone and I am always hearing scary noises. The dog and ALL the cats usually get to sleep with me. Something they don’t do when the Mister is home. :) It’s the worst when he’s gone over the weekend. He’ll be gone next weekend, and my birthday is on Saturday. It’s OK, I’m not five! :) You’d think I’d be independent, but I am not so much.

I ran 7 miles this morning. It wasn’t my best, but I am happy to be able to run at all so even a bad run isn’t all that bad. :)


I am in between dependent and independent. I used to be 100% independent. I lived alone in LA and loved every second of it. My husband and I were long distance for 3 years before getting married last year and it was fine. Not the ideal situation but it worked for us. Now that we have been married for almost a year and live together I am so needy. I told him I was scarred from being long distance for so long. I am getting better but I definitely prefer it when he is home rather than out of town like he is right now.


My husband has been in the Navy ever since we met (and I was too for the first five and a half years we were together) so time apart has always been a normal part of life — we added up all the time he was gone during our 37 months tour in Hawaii, and he was gone for 27 of those months!! (and that was with 4 and 5 kids running around!!) I think you’ll find (if you can bear to separate yourself form his hip again in the future :) teehee) that once you have a child or a few kids that being apart gets easier because you have little people to take care of and who keep you busy :) Other parts of having kids make you miss the hubby more, but for the most part you’re just too busy!! I knew lots of Navy wives who didn’t even email their husbands out on their ships very often – sometimes not even every two weeks! But I missed mine quite a bit and would email him at least once a day – which he did as well, unlike a lot of the other husbands on his submarine. Anyway, my sandwich was yesterday — homemade whole grain bread with spicy mustard, peppered turkey, salami, and pepper jack cheese (another thing they don’t sell in England, but we get it at the Commissary on base :) I love Pepper Jack!!) No veggies in it but we all had carrots, broccoli, celery, and cucumbers to munch on, too :)


coleslaw on sandwiches are sooo good, esp with thousand island dressing on rye.. :)


I’m an extremely independent person (and always have been), but I do love having Daniel around all the time! Sometimes I’ll go on a girls trip or he’ll be working out of town for a few days, but it’s never for too long. When we were dating, I was gone for 8 days once (out of the country) and it was so hard not talking to him all the time!

My Saturday workout was helping my nieces learn backbends and back walkovers – my arms are tired from flipping them over and over and over. I also spent an hour in the garden, and I’m swimming tonight with my cousins!


I saw billy before he ran his first leg! I was so stoked! Cant wait for a race report from him!


Aren’t you in love with Meb?! I say that he is one of my best friends… I follow him on twitter too! haha

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