Something beat the gym and granola solved our fight.

First and most importantly, while I was at Walmart buying some make-up they were giving out Easter candy samples.  From the bottom of my heart I beg you to try the Nerd Jelly Beans, best ones ever.


So that whole ‘gym after school’ thing never happened and instead I listened to my body yelling at me to take a 2 hour nap.  It was one of those naps where you have full on dreams and when you wake up and realize you are still in your clothes you are confused because you could have sworn it was night time.

Next thing I knew it, it was dinner time and I walked out to see my BIL drawing a picture of our tree and BIlly drawing a picture of my BIL drawing a picture of the tree.  That iPad is their fifth appendage.

Photo 1 copy 4

Billy was craving a pastrami burger for dinner so we went to JCW’s.  I ordered the chicken bacon salad and it was ginormous….either that or my stomach is shrinking due to baby.  I used Italian dressing and it was pretty good.

Photo 1 copy 3

The table also had chili cheese fries to share.

Photo 1 copy 2

This did happen two nights in a row.  I am very grateful to Yogurtland for getting this new type of granola because now Billy is more than willing to go with me multiple times a week.  This solved our biggest marital problem….before the granola he didn’t think it was a good idea to eat froyo every night after dinner which caused me to throw a few tantrums.

Photo 1

Even though I took a two hour nap I was still in bed by 10.  Really is there anything better than sleeping?  Okay a few things but sleeping is pretty high up there especially when you are getting up early to run with your sis and billster.  I am going to do 11 miles, my longest run before our next half.

Have the best Saturday ever!


Where do you buy your make-up?  Do you wear make-up every day?

-Walmart and yes, every day.

What Easter candy have you eaten?

What is the next race distance that you are signed up for?

-We have a 5k next weekend and two weekends later we have a 1/2 marathon.

If you had time to take a nap every day would you?

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I’m not a napper, but I’m definitely ready for bed by 9:30 or 10:00 every night haha. I’m an old lady, and I’m proud of it. ;)


Sleeping is seriously the bestttt. I cannot nap for the life of me though. I buy my make-up at target or cvs or something like that too :)


I buy my makeup at Macy’s or Nordstrom and I wear it everyday :) I have been going a little crazy with Cabury mini eggs. I would love to take a nap everyday! And I would still go to bed at 10pm because I’m clearly a party animal.


Boo you Janae- u got me craving fro yo in a bad way…only one way to fix it: get some tonite :)! I rarely wear make-up: only if I’m going out at night. Otherwise its au naturel for me!


I love my naps and would nap every day if I could! Our 2 year old does not nap and hasn’t since she was 18 months (hopefully your bundle of joy will nap).

What type of make-up do you get? I rarely wear make-up (no time!) If i do I just put on some eye liner (MAC).

I have a marathon at the end of April and (hopefully) another one mid June. this is only my 2nd and 3rd marathon so we will see how it goes.

Enjoy your family long run this morning, sounds like so much fun! Maybe my husband will start running one day;-)


Clinique makeup has been my favorite forever. I’m too lazy to try anything else. Proud to say I gave up candy for Lent. Easter morning I will be devouring Recced though!!


You know how Kristen Armstrong refers to the reset run? After school is the best time for a reset nap for me. 30 minutes is all it takes to take my over stimulated brain (love those teens) and just bring it back to normal.

i feel naked without some make-up.

Happy 11 , I am off to go run myself.


Trust me get all the naps you can now, I would love a nap, and I no longer get them


You make me hungry.


I wear makeup every day…some from MAC, some from Clinique, some from Target.

I was in CVS the other day picking up a couple other things and couldn’t leave without walking down the candy aisle and getting some jolly rancher jelly beans!


Wow. That might be one of the biggest salads I have ever seen! I was supposed to work out last night, too, but then Dean and I decided going out for food was a better idea. Same thing, right? : )

I wear at least some make up every day. I use a combination of MAC and Walgreens/CVS makeup.


That salad. Wow.

I love naps! I’m up bright and early (for a Saturday) to get stuff done, so I see one happening this afternoon :)


I miss napping. I was the queen of napping in college – 50 minutes between classes? perfect amount of time to grab a quick nap!


Nothing better than a good nap!!!
I’m about to head out the door for a 10 miler to get ready for the 1/2 I have coming up in May. Here’s to a good run!


what brand do you buy of makeup? your candy sample cup is hilarious bc I got the EXACT same one at our Walmart in ARkansas yesterday. Seriously!!!! He He. e


Hello Janae, hope you’re happy and OK.
You got a 2 hour nap??!!
I think it’s a bit more than a normal nap. And I completely agree with you! Sleeping is one of the best things that has ever been! Actually I have never signed up for a formal race since I was 14( 3 years ago!) But my race with my cousin (which was not formal indeed) was almost 12 miles( a bit less than that).
Let me ensure you about something: whenever I have time for taking a nap, I won’t think about what to do and I would sleep as much as I can!I regret I don’t have enough time! Take care and be healthy!


I never wear makeup – if I can help it – because it feels soooo weird on my skin and I honestly prefer the way I look without it, whether my skin is clear or not!


I buy my makeup mostly at Target. Usually wear it daily but trying to go without on the weekends now. Gave up candy and alcohol for lent. (ugh…it’s been a long lent season) I’m signed up for a 10k on Sunday but may only do the 5k due to hip pain (bursitis). Have a great weekend!


I buy most of my make up at Mac.. I LOVE their stuff and since I don’t buy it that often I figure it’s worth it to buy the good stuff. I don’t wear it every day, but I usually wear mineral stuff (I can’t remember what it’s called! it’s like a light powder foundation but it’s not cakey or heavy at all), mascara and blush. Eye liner about half the time.

I LOVE Easter candy! I’ve eaten Cream Eggs and Mini Eggs so far (and mini egg pancakes – try it, it’s the best! Micro mini eggs work even better if you can find them. Just put the mini eggs in the pancake batter and cook them… Delicious! It also works with Smarties or M&Ms – which are better because they don’t melt!)

Next race is actually kind of cool- it’s a relay through the Cape Breton Highlands. There are 17 legs and each is 14-21km long over mountains, and it starts in the morning and goes all day and through the night. Should be really fun!!


I’m not a big napper…. I tend to wake up very cranky and out of it when I do take a nap! I haven’t had easter candy yet, but Im changing that today! :)


Love it! Last night I got Yogurtland with my roomie and she got both granolas, the pumpkin sunflower and the regular. It was my advice so she knows that she owes me forever.

As for that sleeping nonsense….I couldn’t fapl asleep until 2 last night/this morning, but I just woke up and it’s 11 so that’s a wonderful surprise…off to my 7 recovery miles. And my ne t race is a marathon April 15. The day before marathon Monday!


I see that yogurtland is a staple place you guys go to :) Love that place!
I don’t wear make-up everyday anymore, I used to. I get my make-up at Wal-mart or drug store (when they have a special sale), even when I don’t need it I want to buy things when it’s “on sale”.. :P


I get my makeup mostly at Target…sometimes I’ll splurge and hit up Sephora though! I wear at least foundation and mascara everyday.

I had a Reese’s egg last week and it was bliss.

Next race is the RnR Nashville Marathon–my first full :)

I would take a nap as much as I could… they’re the best! Enjoy your long run today


I love a good siesta! :)

I eat a lot of cadbury eggs and yesterday I was shopping and a giant chocolate egg with chocolate buttons inside ‘fell’ into my basket… how did that happen? ;)


That salad looks amazing. I need me some jelly beans too, though Cadbury eggs are always my first choice. I’ve just never been a napper it always ends up making me MORE tired if I try and take one. Happy weekend!


I’m not usually a napper unless I am really sick or a passenger in the car. Warm car naps are the best :). Hope your long run was great!


I mostly buy my makeup at Target or online. Quick and easy is my game!

I love Reese’s PB eggs. Can’t resist them at this time of year (who am I kidding – all year!). Starburst Jelly Beans are in our house right now, too.

I’ve got a 1/2 marathon in month!


I buy gloMinerals at the salon I go to. And yes, I were it everyday. Except during morning runs.

I have had Robin Eggs and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. My two favorites! And now I have to buy more for my daughters.

I have a 5K race in a couple weeks.

I like naps, but when I take one, I can’t go to sleep that night until really late. So I tend to avoid them.


I buy all my make up at Target or Walmart! I already think $10 is a lot to pay for mascara, it blows my mind that people will pay even more than that at places like Sephora! To each their own and I’m sure they look great :) but I am just too cheap ;)

I just had a 30k today (2hr 18 min :) and don’t have an other on the horizon yet…I really think I want to do marathon #2 this year but we shall see.

And I love naps! I think work should let everyone have a 20 min one at least at 3 pm each day hehe


I buy my makeup at drugstores and wear it as little as possible (3-4 days a week.)
My next race is a week from today, a 5k and I would definately take at least a short nap everyday! :)


I wear Bare Escentuals make-up, and I usually get it online because I would spend way too much money if I just went to a store like a normal person :) My mom bought my kids some Jelly Belly candy that looked like peas and carrots (tasted like sour apple and orange cremesicle), and I had to try it. It was yummy and cute – and fit perfectly for our Mommy Pre-school session on Easter (we had “bunny snacks” and watched HOP). My next race is a really, really super-sprint triathlon on April 15. It’s for people just starting out and is a 10 minute swim, a 20 minute run, and a 30 minute bike ride. I’m doing it with my Dad.


Love you blog. I buy my make-up at MAC. Love it so much. And no I don’t wear it everyday. I have stopped wearing it all together because I have been riding my bike to work and my make-up is just one more thing on my back I don’t want to carry.

Easter Candy. Just finished eating a delicious chocolate hallow egg. And I have been stuffing my face with jello sour patch jelly beans. So incredible.

Next race, half marathon in an Amish city in PA on April 21. I only ran about 7 today, totally not prepared for my next race!

Love you blog. Happy Saturday.


I usually buy makeup online, but rarely wear it. You’d be shocked by my collection.

Mike and I snuck Cadbury mini eggs into the Hunger Games last week, but that’s the only easter candy I’ve had so far.


Next race is the Susan G. Komen 5K in Savannah. I’m excited!


I love MAC makeup.. but don’t buy it often because it’s too expensive.
I’ve definitely eaten mini-eggs, probably a few too many but they are just sooo good!
I would most definitely take a nap everyday.. although my naps are normally 2-3 hours, I go into a coma and can’t wake up.

Have a great weekend!!


Frozen yogurt makes everyday better. :) I buy my makeup at wal-mart too haha. Most days I just wear a light powder and blush but some days I add some mascara if I’m going out with friends or something.


I can’t wait to hear about you half! I have one coming up at the beginning of May and am super courious about what other pregnant ladies do for fueling, etc.


I buy most of mu makeup at department stores; usually a MAC or Laura Mercier counter, and wear it almost everyday.

I was just at the grocery store and saw a big chocolate egg display but have not actually bought or eaten any eater candy as of yet.

My next race isn’t for a month. It is a half marathon, and then I have a full two weeks later.

I am not really a big napper, and it has been years since I have taken one. I was pretty sick when I was 19/20 and naps were a daily thing that I really needed but now, not so much.


hey I had my very first frozen yogurt this weekend in D.C. it was amazing. They don’t have any places here in PA near me so I HAD to find one while in D.C. this weekend so I could finally experience it!!!


I love that you always have so many fun toppings in your froyo cup!


NERD JELLYBEANS! OMG why hasn’t anyone told me about them! I have been eating the sour patch jelly beans and starburst jelly beans. I have to get some of these Nerd jelly beans before Easter is over!

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