Cinnamon Roll Recipes and A Night Run

Don’t you hate it when your hands have flour and butter all over them so that you can’t get your hair out of your face?  Don’t you hate it when your arms are a completely different shade than your face due to your obsession with bronzer?

IMG 1101

All one really needs in life:  Dough, melted butter and cinnamon sugar.

IMG 1100

(below picture from last year, we haven’t frosted them yet)

IMG 3150

Cinnamon Rolls

3 1/2 cups warm water

3/4 cup sugar

1 cup oil

5 T. yeast

Combine above in large bowl and let rest 15 minutes

10 1/2 cups flour (or more, if needed)

1 T. salt

3 eggs

Mix into the yeast mixture 5 cups of flour, eggs, and salt with an electirc mixer until smooth.  Beat in by hand the remaining flour.  Pour out onto floured board and knead until smooth (about 7-10 minutes) adding flour as needed, but be careful not to add too much.  Let rest about 15 minutes. Divide dough in half and roll each half out to approximately 12’x3-‘.  Melt 1/2 cup butter and spread evenly over each rolled dough (1/4 cup on each).  Sprinkle each with a generous amount of cinnamon and about 1/2 cup sugar.  Roll up each half and slice into 20 rolls (40 rolls total). Place on large cookie sheet. Let rise about 20 minutes.  Bake for 10 minutes @ 400 degrees.

Cool about 5-10 minutes, then frost with butter cream frosting:

3 1/2 – 4 cups powdered sugar

1/3 cup butter

1 tsp vanilla

3-4 T. milk (enough to make it spreading consistency

Beat together with electric mixer until smooth.


After the rolls were finished, I realized that I had four running buddies just hanging out on the couch with me, I knew that there was only one thing to do.

Charlie pulled me for the first half of the run and I pulled him for the second half.

I really really really love running in the dark.  There is nothing in the world like it and I came home with even more of a runner’s high than usual. The whole running at sea level thing feels really good too (we live at 4,551 ft above sea level).  I didn’t wear the sweatshirt on the run because it is perfect weather for just a t-shirt and capris.  I wore my, ‘I’m not lazy, my body just hurts’ shirt.

When we got home we had the soup for dinner that we made earlier on in the day with sourdough rolls.  (In soup: every vegetable imaginable, chicken broth, turkey, salt, pepper, garlic salt and poultry seasoning).

IMG 1107

Roll #2 had strawberry jam and roll #3 had grape jelly.

Last night’s dessert deserves its own post….coming soon.


Are you a night run lover?  Who do you take with you on your night runs….dogs, friends, husband/bf/wife/gf, pepper spray?

Married folks:  Do you enjoy your in-laws cooking or the food they have at their house?  Be honest, I won’t tell them.

-Love (I am not just saying that because she reads the blog).

Tell me about your favorite t-shirt at the moment….

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Delish!! I’m so jealous you’re on holiday already! I have 3 more days of teaching to go. They are filled with the nativity play and lots of fun things though!!

I like to run in the dark, much prefer exercising at night! Make sure to stay on the streets rather than run where I normally would. Otherwise it’s a fitness class/gym for me!


I have to run in the dark 90% of the time, so running in the day is more of a novelty! But I do love how night runs cover up my bad hair issues and the red/sweaty face! ;)

HAHA I used to carry around a small can of Mace on my night runs until I heard a few months ago that it’s actually illegal to do that in the UK! Oops…! :P

And thanks for the cinnamon roll craving. Have a great weekend!! <3


Oh my gosh.. yes- hair in the face while baking/cooking is the worse.. I have to have mine up or I go crazy!! The cinnamon rolls make me drool.. and EVERYONE should have a dog!! Get on that BIlly!


I’ve never run at night before!


Hahah these sound amazing!! Hmm my fave tee would be any of my lifeguarding shirts, so comfy :)


Running at night IS so fun – a full moon run is like eerily calm and awesome – a favorite!


You could save a lot of time and use frozen bread dough. I use it all the time for my cinnamon rolls. It is awesome.


Oooo…I love a good cinnamon roll :)

I prefer morning running, but not in the “sun is shining” kinda way. My running group meets between 4-4:50am, so it’s kinda like running in the middle of the night.

My in-laws cooking is gross. I’m really good at pretending it tastes great though.


I’ve never run at night but I used to get up early and run in the morning in the dark and see the sun rise over the lake (I live in Chicago), I loved being out there when it was still dark out!


love night running and i think that billy owes you a sweet little furry pup. i hate my in-laws cooking. all of my brothers in law and sis in law don’t eat anything fresh, they only like processed items which i hate. i always have a tummy ache after i leave the house.


I love running in the dark, but am also too scared to so I never do. I really need a running buddy or a dog! I don’t really like my parents-in-laws’ cooking, but my husband and his brother can cook well because of that so it’s ok.


Wow ever thought of opening a bakery- those look deeelish! I have only run at night once and it left me on such a high! It took a bit longer than usual to get into the groove but once I got it, I loved it! I felt like I was on some kind of adventure and my ‘saving grace’ were the lamps…crafting the whole story in my head killed the time like no other!


I am a mid-morning runner. But that may have to change when (if) I get assigned a new project. I may have to start getting up early (ugh!).
NO I DO NOT! We don’t even eat at their house anymore because of how bland and unhealthy everything is. Yes, somehow she manages to make the food bland and unhealthy at the same time.
My favorite t-shirt right now is the one I created for myself at What is Strong?

The Kidless Kronicles


i loveee night running but i just dont have anyone to run with so i really dont run at nightt!!! boo girl come to the city and run with meeee<3
that meal looks AMAZINGGG along with those cinnamon buns= HEAVEN


Those cinnamon rolls look amazing!

I don’t want to sound like I’m scolding you guys, and maybe you added something to what you were wearing after the picture was taken, but you guys really must wear more reflective gear. I don’t want to hear about you getting flattened like a pancake because some driver couldn’t see you. Safety first!!

(I work at a trauma hospital, so I’m extra ridiculous when it comes to safety. However, Brooks has a cheap reflective vest and it’s definitely worth it.)


I never run at night…..mainly because I am afraid of tripping on something, falling on my face, and getting injured.

Occasionally I’ll run in the very early morning before the sun is fully up, but I feel that is different because the roads aren’t crowded and it gradually becomes lighter.


The only time I ran at night was with a running group who ran along a busy road and on the road, and they didn’t really stick together – it scared me a lot and I never ran at night again!
Umm…its okay ;) haha. No really it usually is…
My favorite shirt is from my first (and only to date) full marathon, its long sleeved and bamboo fabric.


I used to be a night runner in college and loved it but seldom do it anymore. While we live in a safe area, I still worry and so does Adam si my runs are in the morning or afternoon. I enjoy eating at my in-laws but not as much as do at my parents. My parents cook and bake all the time. Our moto is a family that bakes together stays together.


I love cooking for my inlaws. They do so much for us and do through so trouble getting ready for us. They often buy our plane tickets and we don’t ask them too. We try to make one dinner. My in laws are great cooks too so we try to take advantage but we’ll help in the kitchen!


I like running at night if I have someone to go with. I am scared of dark night running… but not dark morning running- strange.
My in-laws actually make really yummy food! They are healthier than me, so they use less butter. I guess that’s good?
My fave shirt right now is a giant t-shirt I got from the Nike Outlet last year for $4. It says “If I stop running how am I going to get home?”. It’s so comfy.


I am sooooo NOT a night runner, but I would run in the early morning even if it were still dark…not pitch black, but the kind where the sun is up by the end of the run. And I love Running Divas and cinnamon rolls!!!


I love running at night. Though back in college I would freak myself out a lot when I would run at night. Not sure why cause Logan is like safe city USA. Probably because there were so many others out at night too.

That soup looks fantastic. I want to go to there.

My inlaws food is no bueno. Plus they have NO snacks. Or if they do have anything good (snack wise) they hide it in their BEDROOM so no one will eat it. Mind you all their kids are married and out of the house. If my husband pours himself a drink from the 2 liter in the fridge his dad notices and he gets in trouble. This is for realsies. Needless to say after more than 7 years of marriage I am still nervous to eat at their house and will avoid it if possible. Luckily my parents live just miles away, their house is always stocked with Costco fruit, yummy snacks and CANDY at all times. Plus my mom is a great cook.

I love my in-laws, but I swear the whole food situation is WHACKO!

Apparently I needed to vent? You are the one who asked the question! lol.


haha, well i am with my mother in law right now and she doesn’t cook. THerefore i am the cook which i like and of course, she likes. Done deal!
i miss my pups, she’s a great running buddy. you do need a DOG!


My in-laws live next door to us, so I always ‘shop’ in their house if I need something. They have more snack food than us and big selection of cheese and drinks. They make fabulous Sunday lunches with roasts. They do make some things I’m not a fan of (like Shepard’s Pie, sausages, or Lamb Chops), but I just bring my own food from next door, so it’s a win.

My sight is questionable at night, so night running could be a problem


I totally agree with your reason #32857 for getting a dog!! I ALWAYS run with my dog (ok not for races), she is deserves 95% of the credit for my running skillz. Who knows what I would be doing in my free time if it weren’t for her. YOU NEED A DOG!!! They are the best running buddies!!

I am a really picky eater and my mom’s mom was an AMAZING cook, so I am spoiled about eating other people’s food. I like cooking so when we are having dinner with the in-laws I don’t hesitate to pitch in and make something to share. I’d like to think I have expanded their food horizons!


I love that pic of the 4 of you. I don’t run at night just because I don’t feel safe. I suppose I could bring my dogs, but they aren’t exactly ferocious:) I like my in-laws cooking either because it’s good or because I don’t have to cook. Not sure which:)


I love to run at night and I live in a not so great neighborhood but I do it anyway. Because it works out that it’s convenient time wise and I like it. I am a morning person, too, so I just don’t get a lot of sleep.

My mother in law can’t stand me and I haven’t seen her in 10 years. Last I heard she wanted me dead. But she is a pretty good cook! On that note…I should probably not eat anything she serves me… *thinking that through*


This is the next thing on my to-make list! YUM!


Those cinnamon rolls look INCREDIBLE!! I want to come visit just to you’ll make me one haha yeast completely intimidates me….


I love the pictures of you guys lined up together! Awesome! It’s great to get together with family and have new running buddies to hang out with!

Those cinnamon rolls look fantastic! Coming to my household soon…

I like running on the dark, unless I have to do a tempo run. I love speed at the track in the dark, I love long runs in the dark, I hate tempo runs in the dark (when I have to run faster than my brain can process where to put my feet in the dark). It’s so great to run under the stars. Running at sea level when you live at elevation is awesome. I struggle the opposite when I go home, I go from sea level to the 4,000 feet + inversion. Gross.


Those cinnamon rolls look amazing!! I might have to try making those on Christmas morning! I like dark morning runs before everyone is awake and the world is still and quiet. I can’t get into nighttime runs unless it’s a race. My fave tee right now is one that says “A slow runner still crosses the finish line”. Yes I do!!!


Dogs are the BEST running buddies. They are always ready to go, they never complain/give excuses, and they push you harder than most ppl. Ummm, my in-laws food is terrible.


The food looks amazing! I will need to try those cinnamon rolls. Can I half the recipe? It is just the two of us..and honestly I don’t need to even eat half of them. ;) Are the sourdough rolls freshly made too??


OK, though I hate making cinnamon rolls I just may have to now. I LOVE night running, I’m much faster at night (which is weird since I’m a morning person), I think it’s the fear factor. No running buddy, or running dog so I’m usually scared and bookin’ it all the way home.

I don’t eat my mil’s food, she’s blind and has been known to mistake things for something else when cooking. My husband once opened his lunch box up to green lasagna…he was so embarrassed. :) LOL. She’s probably a good cook, I just never see her, and when I do, she prefers others to do the cooking. You’ve got to come by my blog and tell me if you’ve ever had a celebrity sighting…more specifically a mistaken celebrity sighting? Or am I the only dork!?!? :)


Not a night runner, a total 5am girl..which is just as dark..but love it. Nice just on the buns..I make mine with a cream cheese frosting and use butter instead of oil.

You need a dog to get fro-yo with. Whenever I go she gets one even if she is at home. If I get a chocolate frosty she gets a jr vanilla one, if I get an ice cream she’s all for a scoop of vanilla with peanut butter sauce.

Is it just the 3 boy? How far are they apart..all of you there for the week?


I forget that night running is an option, and usually end up on the treadmill instead but it’s usually done in the am. We don’t cook like my mom or my mil (both are meat-potato-butter heavy), so staying with them for a few days is fine, but we come home craving our “normal” eating again. :)


These look to dieeee for! I like running in the morning rather than the night. I’m too scared to run in the dark by myself.. Safety first!


YUM. Those look amaaazing. and YES, I love running at night! I know it’s generally less safe, but that’s when my energy peaks and I want to run most!


Ahahahaha I died. THAT PICTURE!


Love the running pic and those cinnamon rolls look amazing!


I just spent the entire day baking and didn’t think it would be possible to want more sweets but after seeing that cinnamon roll above, I’m drooling. I’m also on day 4 of no exercise so I need to get my ish together! haha
Love my MIL’s food. She’s from Greece and there is a Greek feast whenever we visit. Delicious :)


My in laws make everything from canned or frozen….my MIL says she has “no time” to cook/bake even though she has a strictly 40hour per week job and a 10 min commute, not to mention FIL cooks all week. The worst is she refuses o let me bring anything to holiday meals, even though she knows I love to cook! Grr!


man, I love running in the dark…but I live in a kind of sketchy area and it’s not safe :(


I HATE night runs…after chasing children all day, I’m exhausted. I just did a long run this afternoon instead of first thing in the morning and it was awful. Morning is where it’s at!

My in laws are the least healthiest eaters ever, and vegetables are a foreign concept to them. They are huge meat eaters, and I don’t eat meat at all. They are super sweet though and always ask me what I want before we visit and stock up on stuff that I can eat, even if they think I’m crazy.

I got a t-shirt for Christmas last year that says “YAY it’s broccoli” with a picture of broccoli….so weird and random but I love it. I also really need to design a t-shirt for my 55 mile race, because the race was super cheap and didn’t have shirts or medals.



I love night running and I can’t quite put my finger on WHY. I love running during sunset best, it’s so beautiful.

So you’re in CA again! YAY! The weather has been so cold — but probably not for you Utahns. I have become such a wimp. Seriously. Southern California does that to you.

Enjoy time with the in-laws and all of that delicious home-made food. I’m envious!


I need one of those cinnamon buns!

I like running in the dark if it’s not freezing cold. Though, I always feel like I’m running crazy fast when, in fact, I’m running slower than usual.

My inlaws tend to cook a lot of meat dishes, so I’m pretty limited in what I can eat at their house.


My husband would kill me if I ran alone at night. :) However, if I had a buddy I would!! I liked it the few times I did. Maybe I’ll start packing a 9 mm.
I like my in-laws cooking. It is always very yummy!!! I gain about five pounds every time I step foot in that house.
Favorite tshirt is my University of Wyoming Rodeo shirt. Love it. Have worn it pretty mich every day since I bought it eight years ago! Posted about it here:


I absolutely love night runs, but I rarely every do it for safety reasons. If I know it’s safe, then I just go for it. So much fun!


Most of the time, I dislike my in laws food. . . I say food because it’s not like she is a bad cook, it’s just that she cooks *too healthy. They are always on a strange diet and they have a tendency to critique what I eat if it’s not what they think is healthy. . . kind of drives me nuts. We’re leaving tomorrow to go there for a week, my husband let me load up on lots of junk food to bring down so i don’t lose my mind. :)

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