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Excited for Snack Time.

The secret of how to know if a peach is good: it drips everywhere and somehow it ends up in your hair and all over your ankles.  Don’t worry, I had papertowels within 20 steps of my desk but was too lazy to stand up and get them, kleenex it is. My grandma (we call … Continue Reading

Taking the Pressure out of Running

Two things about the gym this morning: 1.  I thought a clip would hold my hair nicely during my workout because I finally washed my hair yesterday and didn’t want to get a rubber band marking in my hair.  It worked for 23 seconds before I put it into a ponytail. 2.  I made a … Continue Reading

Broken Bones and an Overflowing Plate.

Um, Billy.  I know you are busy and all but if you wouldn’t mind running outside to greet me with a handful of candy everytime I see you, I would greatly appreciate it. Doesn’t it get any more welcoming than sugar and the biggest smile in the world? Once again Billy chose our future (aka … Continue Reading