Ice Cream Hangover

Be prepared for at least 48 grammatical/spelling errors compared to the normal 20 errors per post because…….

my head hurts.

Possible reasons for headache:

-Eating 52 ounces of fro-yo for dinner last night (don’t even try to do the math @ .33 cents per ounce).  Dang, I bet an ice cream hangover is worse than the real thing.

-Cutting my tongue as I was licking every last drop out of my yogurt container this morning.

Photo on 2011 05 19 at 09 47

-Directly followed by double fisting chocolate and strawberry milk from the cafeteria.  I don’t really like milk loaded with sugar but I just drank them purely for the calcium….nothing to do with the fact that everything tastes better with large amounts of chocolate.

Photo on 2011 05 19 at 08 22  6

-A student kept asking the most AWKWARD questions during my health lesson today (yes, we are in the sex ed unit). Poor bubble children in Utah county.

-While teaching spin this morning I played “The Show Goes On”  a little too loud and blasted part of my ear drums out.

-It is raining and the coldness in the air has put my brain on shut down and my neurons are rebelling and causing pain.

No ibuprofen for this chicka.  I don’t know why, but my doc said ‘NO’ to me taking painkillers….probably because he knows that if I did I would probably think my femurs were whole again and try to run 15 miles with a ginormous smile on my face.

Just got to tough it out.

Possible natural remedies:

-Eat a nutrient packed lunch (made my students search the school for a can opener.  I am a great teacher.)

This is called the ‘Billy, we need to go grocery shopping ASAP because I just roasted the last of any produce in our house and threw it in a wrap and called it lunch’ creation.

Photo 9

-Head massage from Billy (this is not a hint honey but more of a command).

-Going to bed at 7 p.m. instead of the normal 8 p.m.

-Watching the Biggest Loser and Modern Family on Hulu.  Those shows are the cure-alls for everything.


Are you going to miss Jillian on the Biggest Loser?

-YES, I absolutely love her and I don’t think it will be the same without her but of course I will still be addicted to it.

Since my dairy intake has been at an all time high….what is your favorite form of dairy?

-Greek Yogurt and maybe if I didn’t spend $12 a day on fro-yo I could afford the dang stuff.

How do you get rid of headaches? Do you get them often?  Have you ever had a migraine?

-No migraine here and I probably get a headache every other month or so.

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I eat dairy in the form of yogurt or cottage cheese. It's good with fruit!

If I get a headache, I make sure I drink plenty of water or fluids to rule out dehydration. I take my contacts out and try not to do too much that involves eye strain. My headaches are usually eye related. But, when they're not and none of that works, some times I just take a tylenol. Napping is usually the best thing ever for headaches also.


Greek yogurt for sure is my favorite form of dairy.

Yes, I get headaches and migraines – migraines used to be monthly but now maybe 3-4 a year. Headaches – maybe once a month. I have slowly learned to control them through exercise and healthy eating.

I have to take pain killers – especially for my migraines, Motrin is my go to there. Other things that help – sleep in a very dark room and yes head rubs!


I always lick the yogurt container and cut my tongue way too often. If you don't lick it, you waste like a whole spoonful of yogurt!


Greek yogurt is my favvvv!!

Yes I get migraines and they are not fun :( no me gusta.

I want frozen yogurt now.


I tend to get tummy aches when I eat too much dairy lately, but I can't resist a good bowl of greek yogurt! It's so filling!


I get migraines and they're awwffuull. Totally debilitating. Nothing worse than having a great day planned and waking up with a migraine!!

You make me want fro yo.


Greek yogurt is the bombdotcom!!

I use my essential oils to get rid of headaches, and it works like a charm! I hate sugar hangovers. YUK!


Greek yogurt is my favorite dairy! I don't eat much dairy, but I do eat pomegranate or black cherry Chobanis a few times a week. Those are my favorite flavors, but I also love plain with granola or fruit mixed in.


I tried to take Jillian's place but I got rejected. HA! I can yell at people to get in shape…duh. I could definitely do as good of a job as Cara does except I wouldn't get in their face so the audience questions if I'm going to make out with them right then and there.

PS I hate headaches and you should try the pressure point in your hand (between your index finger and thumb). It hurts but your headache will go away!


BUTTER, plain whole milk yogurt, feta, x sharp chedda…
i pretty much never get headaches, im very lucky. hope you feel better!!


I'm gonna miss Jillian….it won't be the same without her!!

My favorite dairy is cheese….any kind that you can put on pizza :)


I hope your head feels better!


First, I'm 100% sure that no chocolate milk tastes as good as the type in the cartons from school! HFCS + chocolate + a splash of milk = amazing :)

Caffeine helps my headaches big time! A little coffee or tea should help! Also, drinking water (in case you're dehydrated) and a warm or damp cloth.

My fave form of dairy is CHEESE. Right now, I'm polishing off the last of the smoked gouda I got last night. Doesn't last long around me!


Hope you feel better!!!!
I love yogurt and cottage cheese most of all dairy products!! :P


EXCEDRINE! The best for a headache, just don't take it at night!
Greek Yogurt is a close second to ice cream, of course (that's dairy right?)

And lastly, I want to know what awkward question your student asked you in sex ed?


zomg, I miss milk outta the carton!

My sports therapist taught me this way to alleviate headaches, you like pinch this tendon on the right side of your neck. Don't try it without googling because when I tried, I almost died. But when he does it….magic.

Feel better!


I am for sure going to go through Jillian withdraws! She's my favorite trainer by a long shot!


Top dairy pick is always ice cream/fro yo. I also love cottage cheese.

I've never had a migraine, thank goodness. Headaches suck…I hope you feel better soon!! :)


ahhhh! i have had the worst headache for the past 2 days. it is driving me crazy. i went for the soda fix this afternoon but so far…no such luck. i think my body is just craving sleep at some point. like real sleep. I cant wait for summer so i can SLEEP A LOT.

favorite dairy is chocolate milk and CHEESE.


ahhh Biggest Loser is so good this season! I watch mine on Hulu too, I can’t wait for the finale next week!!!


i love ice cream… and fro yo. ohhhh i love it. girl you are so pretty. i think that every day (twice a day!) when i read your blog!


Dairy intake for me consists of – CHEESE, chocolate, fro-yo, glass of milk (I love drinking plain ol' milk), and, of course, MORE CHOCOLATE! I eat all of these things pretty much daily.

No migraines. But I take care of people in the ER who get them and they DO NOT look pleasant.


Hope your head feels better soon! It used to be some ibuprofen and a can of Diet Coke would rid my headache. Now it's just ibuprofen and sleep.

I love ice cream and string cheese. :-) Yum.


headaches are the pits. i hope you get some relief soon. no ibuprofen? that is crazy but it makes perfect sense! your dr. is a smart man who obviously knows you well. i only get headaches when i don't get my a.m. coffee. or when i have a sinus infection but that's not the same thing, is it?

i haven't watched BL for awhile but i follow jillian's podcasts and read her books. right now i'm on day 6 of "making the cut" … i've been following her workouts which are AMAZING! if you get bored, or run out of things to read, i've been writing about the process on my blog.

get some rest girl!


For headaches I have this bean sack thing you heat up in the microwave. It smells like vanilla and it works wonders!!!
Jillian is my favorite, the show will not be the same without her :(


Biggest Loser will be weird without Jillian, but I'm sure I'll still love it just like I still loved American Idol when the judges changed.

I just recently discovered greek yogurt at Costco a few months ago, and that's definitely one of my favorite forms of dairy now, especially with frozen fruit mixed in! I'm in the same boat as you with the frozen yogurt! The one by my house is called Spoon It, and I can't walk out of there without dropping at least 8 bucks.


I didn't even realize that Jillian was leaving the Big L, but that's probably b/c I live in a bubble since I don't have a TV. But, being that I have seen the show before WITH her, I would miss her. She's a kickA trainer!

My favorite dairy product is definitely ice cream. But froyo and whipped cream come in a close second and third.

I don't get headaches – fortunately – but my husband does. He usually just takes some pain meds and lies down. Sorry you're not feeling well!!


Real hangovers are much worse, trust me :) I do love, love, love ice cream though. And as far as headaches I swear by exercise or a little caffeine and some Tylenol (which I guess is like Excedrin Migraine, but not as expensive).


What questions did the kid ask?! We want to know! LOL.


Yes I will be sad, I love her and think she totally rocks!

Favorite dairy besides ice cream…. cottage cheese!

I don't really get that many headaches but if I do I am deftly a 3 Advil dropper.



just a thought about calcium . . .


Woah fro-yo overload! :) I love how you're eating tons of calcium beautiful girl. Gotta get those bones working properly again!


I like good old fashion milk. Sometimes you can:t even see my cereal because its drowning in milk.

Headaches? sadly the two thing that work for me will not be your cure today…….a super easy jog and sugar.

See if you can get a neck massage from Billy along with that hand massage.


52 ounces! Wow. Headache and belly ache for me.

Miss Jilian? Y.E.S.

dairy? yogurt currently

headaches? not often and no migraines.

Thanks for the kind words on my blogs today. I am really enjoying reading yours, too. And your pics are always entertaining.


mmmmmmmm….FRO YO. Sounds oh so yummmmy!
I will def miss Jillian on the Biggest Loser. She is the one that always makes me cry :-)

Favorite dairy? Duh, Fro yo!

I get rid of headaches with advil and lots of reality tv!


Now I'm really curious about what your health student was asking! Probably not an appropriate share for the blog :(

I used to get migraines all the time when i was a kid, but not really anymore.

My favorite form of dairy is definitely cheese, literally, any kind of cheese.


Hi! Been reading for awhile, I'm sorry to not really have commented much before this, but I feel this is improtant; In regards to dairy being a "good" source of calcium, I think you are doing more harm than good.

The protein in dairy is acidic, while there is not enough calcium/alkaline. When you drink/eat it your body becomes acidic, this can lead to many health problems, your body seeks to alkalize your blood by pulling calcium and phosphorus from your bones.

Hence the USA being the largest consumer of dairy also has the highest rates of osteoporosis. You then pee out the excess protien taxing your kidneys.


String cheese and yogurt are my faves!
I will so miss Jillian-she is so tough and awesome.
On a side note, you made my daughter's birthday – no exaggeration. Thanks a million!


i too will miss jillian.
greek yogurt is the and thankfully our costco carries both fage and chobini brands! greek yogurt+ granola= best.snack.ever

h-town really needs some fro-yo places- i'm seriously always drooling over yours!


I do like Jillian especially when she screams at people and sits on their back when they do push ups, then in the next moment is delving into their therapeutic issues. She does both well. Is Kara replacing her?


Sorry about your headache! I used to get them all the time, but much less frequently now, thankfully. I take Advil (ibuprofen) when I feel it coming on. I rarely eat dairy, but froyo would be my dairy of choice!!


Come shopping at my house! I'd like to hear some of those questions they were asking you! I'm sure that I was pretty naive at that age too. Have a great night and I'm pretty sure chocolate is a natural pain reliever. Take two and call me in the morning! Your welcome, dr. Jen


So I'm seriously way behind on anything that has to do with the TV. I did not even know Jillian was not returning to BL. That will be crazy! I also watch the episodes on Hulu…since we don't own a TV.


A natural pain killer AND anti-inflammatory (for when you do get back to running) is ginger. It works wonders. And Ginger People have delicious (seriously, I'm addicted) Ginger Chew that I take on my runs for a burst of carbs (who am I kidding? I eat them all the time!) This weekend I am going to attempt to make some. I'll let you know how they turn out!


greek yogurt is awesome! you should totally try making your own-it is super easy! I make kefir with a culture someone gave me and I love it.


Dairy: Greek yogurt and whipped cream. That counts right? :)

You are so lucky with your headaches.. I get migraines every couple of DAYS. I've had a cat scan and been on medication for a while and no clue what the problem is. It's super frustrating.


I suffered from headaches a LOT when I was pregnant with #4…no pain meds for me – BUT – acupressure helped a ton! Squeeze the flappy skin part between your thumb and forefinger with moderate pressure for 10 seconds or so. Crazy – but it works! Feel better!!


I love dairy, but I can't eat too much because I'm lactose intolerant :( boo. That's what special pills are for though, I could never go without some dairy in my life! Try hitting different pressure points on your head and wrists, it's supposed to help shift imbalances or something.


I've been on a Greek yogurt and pineapple kick lately. And I top it with a little honey. Then I eat some honey plain. Like, spoonfuls. Yum.


I love Jillian, I will definitely miss her, but Ruth said that Bob may be leaving too! Total heartbreak if they both leave, I love Kara and Brett but it's just not the same.


Jillian Michaels is AMAZING! I seriously love her so much – my entire family and bf now joke about my obsession haha. They've even started using the name 'Jillian' as a verb around me and start replying to things I say with "What would Jillian do?" That being said.. I will still be addicted to TBL as always, but am also excited for a new show coming out with a similar plot – Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. Premieres Monday, May 30th :)


So glad I am not the only one who has cut her tongue on a yogurt container. Phew.

Missed you! I think I can read food blogs again, though.


You go with the calcium!! I'm guessing you are taking Vit D with it–I think that increases the absorption…or at least you can go work on your tan!

I watched BL last night too…why do I get teary with those transformations…b/c they are unbelievable!! Are you looking forward to the FINALE?!

Butttttt, I will really miss Jillian, so hard core with a purpose!

My fav form of dairy is ice cream/fro yo :)


girl you need some serious groceries! when i am out of produce, that is the last straw!


Try fresh ginger root for your headache (any kind of pain, really). Peel a small piece with a spoon, and chew. Yes, it's hot, but not like habanero hot–you can take it. It has natural pain killers, and it does work. You may have to chew on more than one piece, & you can drink something while you chew (do not swallow whole pieces–don't). Give it a try. (it's inexpensive too!)


I too REALLY want to know what the kids asked, AND how you answered :)

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